Chinese Cuisines Snacks and One-dish Meal


Chinese Cuisines Snacks and One-dish-meal, 30 recipes and 30 colour photos, will give you Chinese food dating back to the Tang Dynasty when emperors were good connoisseurs of appetizing food and they revelled in banquets. You can acquire the skills and knowledge to cook these delicacies yourself.  In this book you will find a number of such recipes to whet your appetite.
The recipes on snacks will help you to prepare quickly dishes for parties, gatherings or birthdays.  You may like to cook One-dish-meal for a  fast lunch or dinner and help to save time.

Table of Contents

1 Shark Fins Soup with Crab Meat and Chicken Strips 8
2 Fried Shark Fins with Shrimps, Chicken Strips, Egg and      Bean Sprouts 10
3 Baked Lobster with Mushroom- Onion- Garlic and Cheese 12
4 Baked Minced Meat and Crab Meat in Crab Shell 14
5 Fried Lobster with Black Bean and Chili Sauce 16
6 Deep Fried Crayfish with Sweet Black Sauce 18
7 Stir Fried Black Pepper Crab or Chili Crab or Steam Crab 20
8 Salmon Prawns Crystal-Glass Noodle 24
9 Braised Crab with Rice Noodle 26
10 Drunken Prawns in Brandy 28


11   Deep Fried Wanton with Shrimp and Chestnut 30
12   Spring Egg Roll 32
13   Chicken Drumstick with Plum Sauce 34
14   Paper Wrapped Chicken 36
15   Deep Fried Crispy Fish Balls 38
16   Shrimp Toast 40
17   Bak Chang 42
18   Goreng Pisang 44
19   Glazed Apple 46
20   Almond Jelly 48


21  Gui Hua Mian 50
22  Singapore Laksa 52
23  Chicken Lo Mein 54
24  Sausage Egg Fried Rice 56
25  Mee Goreng 58
26  Hokkien Claypot Noodles 60
27  Wan Tan Soup 62
28  Macaroni Soup 64
29  Fish Porridge 66
30  Singapore Char Keow Teow 68
31 General International Measure 70
32 DIY Cooking Made Easy 71
33 Special Asian Food back page 72

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