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This is My Video at my website The video below tells you how to download the PDF cookbooks and bind into a useful book for your kitchen use.

Healthy tips from Cookbook Author-Founder Sophia Lim of the above website.  Cook these recipes as illustrated in my cookbooks and it will help you maintain and immune your body against diseases and illness.  You will also learn new skills, techniques and broaden your culinary knowledge.

*  Broccoli lowers your blood pressure

* Carrots release cancer-fighting beta-carotene

* Tomatoes are packed with lycopene that fight prostrate-cancer

* Mushroom immune your body against sickness and disease

* Garlic reduces cholesterol levels, helps fight off acute infections and also improves blood circulation

* Ginger relieves nausea and kills bacteria and warms your internal well-being

* Chinese Green Tea lowers cholesterol, blood sugar and improve liver, kidney and diabetic function

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